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"I love the library. It's my favourite place to study!"   - MAISON Student




The first of it's kind


We are the first tutoring company to combine course content with executive skills like note-taking, organization, time-management and study skills.


Our students are encouraged to aim for both academic excellence as well as personal independence.



The power of an incredible mentor


We combine inspiring people with inspiring spaces. Each mentor was chosen for their outstanding background in academics and leadership.


In addition, our flagship location is designed for modern students and everything they need.





Each student is unique


Joining MAISON d'Étude starts with an

in-depth discovery interview. Each member has a unique learning profile that gets updated after every visit.


Beyond the one-on-one sessions, we are your hub for all things academic and career related.

Summer 2020

Summer Programs

Work with an Ivy league mentor or learn to code. This summer, we promise you will emerge more educated. 

Pre Register for Fall 2020

Work with a coach to stay accountable and motivated as you become an independent learner.


MAISON at home!

Our coaches are equipped with top of the line learning software to help you learn online.

Our Coaches




Mimi has a Masters of Educational Leadership from McGill University.

Mimi coaches Math, Science, Statistics, and Qualitative Methods to High School and CEGEP students.



Nick has a Bachelor of Engineering in Bioresource Engineering from McGill University.


Nick coaches Calculus and Math to High School, CEGEP, and University students. 



Cassie has a Master of Arts in Teaching & English Language Arts Specialization

from McGill University.

Cassie coaches English, Humanities, History, & Western Civ to High School, CEGEP, and University students.

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“Maison d’Étude has not only helped me understand what I am studying, but also how to study for tests or exams. They taught me how to ask the right questions and prioritize my work.”

- Lily, Grade 11 at The Study