Maison d'Étude high school tutor, Montreal tutor for high-school student tutoring, Montreal students

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Maison d'Étude's modern approach to tutoring empowers students with confidence and a competitive edge.

Maison d'Étude elevates learning for today's students and future leaders.

A Modern Approach

to Tutoring

There is academic tutoring, and then there is Maison d'Étude. Our goal is to elevate tutoring to enable students to reach their maximum potential - academically, personally, and socially. Our holistic, skills-based approach to learning enables students to develop the skills to feel confident about their classes and take control of their success.  

Proven Success

Our signature tutoring method carefully monitors our students' success trajectory, producing consistent, reliable results for our students. 

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Expert Tutors

We hire and train only the best tutors, specialized in their fields and trained in our signature teaching method.

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Skill-Based Learning

A key foundation to our students' success, skill-based learning includes organization, note-taking, and time management.


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Modern Space

Our unique, beautiful spaces provide students with an inspiring atmosphere to study one-on-one or collaborate in groups.

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Our range of student services provides a holistic learning experience. Students have access to expert tutors specialized in all subjects and levels, and are also trained in executive skills like organization and time management that are critical to success. Our Personal Development Counsellors and Academic Advisors help students to lay out a personal path to success


Online and In-Person Academic Tutoring

The most advanced online private tutoring service. Recreate the in-person experience with our custom collaborative platform. Available to high school, CEGEP and university students. All subjects available including Math, Science, French, & more!


Distance Learning

Study Skills Coaching

Develop organizational and practical skills that will give you an edge from high-school, to university and beyond. Our tutors will empower you with the best way to to take notes, exam prep, and organize yourself. 





Personal Development Coaching

Navigate personal, social, or academic challenges with the help of our experienced Personal Development Coach. Build your toolbox for personal success throughout high-school and beyond!


Maison d'Étude high school tutor, Montreal tutor for high-school student
Maison d'Étude high school tutor, Montreal tutor for high-school student tutoring, Montreal students


Academic Advising 

The right school - the right choices. Whether you want to apply to school in Canada, the US or have your sights set abroad, our tutors will walk you through every step of your applications so you walk away with an edge.


Our mission is to provide quality learning that empowers students with the skills and confidence to succeed in the the classroom - and beyond

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Expert tutors.

Proven results. 

Imagine your favourite high-school teacher combined with your favourite coach.
Now add in years of experience and our specialized training program and you've got a Maison tutor. Our tutors are each experts in their fields. Whether you're searching for a science tutor, French tutor, or someone to help you make sense of Calculus, we've got you covered!



“Maison d’Étude has not only helped me understand Math, but also how to study for tests or exams. They taught me how to ask the right questions and prioritize my work.”



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