Why Maison d'Étude

Learning and achieving are about the habits you use every day, the spaces you’re in, and the people you surround yourself with. Come join us. We’re ready. You’re ready.

Welcome to Maison d'Étude, a community of coaches, teachers, and professionals who offer unique learning experiences.

Alex and Mira are on a mission to transform learning experiences to be beautiful, relevant, and personal.



"Everyone wants to be inspired and surrounded by positive people. We built a place that's just like that. A space so beautiful you want to come to everyday to work on your passions and be the best version of yourself."

- Mira & Alex, Founders



Our team is made up of experts with a passion for learning and teaching. 

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Meet the Coaches



McGill University

Master of Arts : Teaching & Learning

English Language Arts Specialization 

University of Toronto

Honours Bachelor of Arts : English Literature

History & Education Minor



University of Birmingham 

Honours Bachelor of Arts : Ancient History 


University of Buckingham

PGCE : Primary Teaching


McGill University

Bachelor of Science : Physics

Computer Science Minor



McGill University

Bachelor of Arts : Psychology Major

Education Minor 

Behavioural Science Minor

McGill University

Master of Arts : Counselling Psychology


McGill University

Bachelor of Science : Kinesiology (Honours)

Université de Montréal

Candidate of Masters of Science : Concussions


University of Utrecht

Bachelor of Education in Mathematics

University of Amsterdam

Master of Education in Mathematics



Laperrine University

Pharmacy Degree

Université de Montréal

Bachelor of Education : French



McGill University

Master of Science : Exercise Physiology

McGill University

Bachelor of Science : Honours Kinesiology



Concordia University

Bachelor Degree : Mechanical Engineering



McGill University 

Bachelor of Commerce

McGill University 

PHD Candidate : Psychology 



Queen's University

Bachelor of Education (Honours)
Bachelor of Education 

McGill University

Masters : Educational Leadership 


McGill University

Bachelor of Education : Specialty in History


McGill University
Candidate of Masters of Arts: Education

Panjab University
Bachelor of Engineering: Electronics and Communication (Honours)


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“The change I have noticed since I started the Study Club is that all my homework has been handed in on time and done to the best of my ability.

- Giancarlo, Grade 10 at Selwyn House