Teacher Helping a Student

Our specialized learning strategist works one-on-one with students in Montreal to develop strategies and treatment plans for students with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Learning Disability


We are your resource to help students with learning disabilities, to give much needed support for parents, and to build a road to success. Our in-house Learning Disability Strategist will work with you to develop a plan for academic success and personal growth suited to your circumstances.


Whether you are experiencing a new and confusing diagnosis or tackling an ongoing learning disability related challenge, at Maison d'Étude you can count on personalized, experienced assistance and peace of mind.

Intervention Coaching


Develop learning strategies for students who have learning difficulties/disabilities such as:


(b) Weak or slow Processing speed

(c) Dyslexia

(c) Dyscalculia

(d) Dysgraphia

(e) Visual/ Auditory processing disorder

(f) Poor reading ability

(g) Anxiety  


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Gather Information

Build trust and assess student's challenges in order to develop a targeted plan best suited to the student. 


Create a Treatment Plan

Create a targeted and effective treatment plan specific to student's needs. Identify key success markers.



& Assess

Discuss which strategies were used in the session and lay out goals/tasks for the week.

Session 1

Personalized Interview


In the 1st session, our learning strategist will assess the needs of the student through a personalized interview/diagnostic, which includes:

  • Data collection of the student’s learning history/Individualized Education Plan

  • Student self-reflection of academic strengths and weaknesses

  • Identification of educational methods that work best for the student (lecture, guided notes, graphic organizers, etc.)

  • Factors inhibiting the student’s success

  • Assessment of location and time the student is most productive

  • Analysis and dissection of the student’s preferred learning needs (At home, at school, and at Maison)

Based on this consultation, the learning strategist will begin a personalized success plan for the student.

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Session 2

Building a Plan for Success

The learning strategist and the student will go over the success plan and establish which strategies and resources will be effective and realistic for the student, and which strategies need to be re-evaluated. The success plan will be divided into 3 parts:

Strategies and resources to address student needs:

  1. At Home

  2. At School

  3. At Maison

Student Presentation

Session 3

Review & Assess

The learning strategist and the student will meet again to assess whether the strategies and resources put into place in the success plan are effective, and rework any that prove ineffective.


Student Writing
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Ready to reach your maximum potential?

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“Maison d’Étude has not only helped me understand Math, but also how to study for tests or exams. They taught me how to ask the right questions and prioritize my work.”

- Lily, Grade 11 at The Study, Montreal