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Montreal Schools

Support — We work with a network of schools to support students with unique profiles.


How it works

Maison d'Étude personally connects with parents, teachers, learning specialists and support staff to provide complementary support for high-school students. 


What we offer

We provide insight from each one-on-one session to a team of educators in order to share progress and strategies that we put in place. Our coaches use classroom insight to create their lesson plans and incorporate specific school curriculum.


Community — We help community organizations gather and have meaningful experiences


Our space was built for learning and connecting. The MAISON d'Étude space is available for rent for community organizations that want to host learning-based events. 


We offer special rates for not for profits and emerging programs.


Collaboration — We work with leading businesses to bring forward the best in learning and innovation.


We partner with:

• Like-minded educational companies

• Business leaders and entrepreneurs

• Brands that support community, learning, and innovation

Our Partners

Maison d'Étude partners are hand-selected to create a community with shared values, work-ethic, and positive support.
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