5 Awesome Facts about Kamala Harris

Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris will become the first woman vice president, as well the first African American and first Asian American vice president in U.S. history— but there’s many more fun facts about Biden’s historic pick!

1. Kamala Harris attended high school in Montreal

Kamala Harris Montreal Maison d'Étude tutoring
The 1981 yearbook for Westmount High includes Kamala Harris, who attended the school for five years.

Harris was born in Oakland, California, but moved to Montreal after her mother got a job teaching at McGill University’s medical department and researching cancer at Jewish General Hospital. Her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, wanted Harris and her sister to learn French, so she enrolled them at a Francophone school, Notre-Dame-des-Neiges. At the time, the only French words Harris knew came from her ballet class! Quelle horreur!

2. Harris was an activist as a teen

Kamala Harris Montreal protest Maison d'Etude
Source: LA Times

Friends from Harris’ Montreal days say that she was an activist even at a young age. For example, when she was 13, Harris and her younger sister Maya held a demonstration in front of their apartment building to protest a policy that banned kids from playing on the lawn. Needless to say, the protest was successful!

3. Harris and Obama are buddies

Harris has a long-lasting friendship with Barack Obama, dating back to his run for Senate in 2004. She was the first notable California officeholder to endorse him during his 2008 presidential bid. Obama even reportedly considered her for the Supreme Court and for his attorney general position when he was in office.

4. She began her career prosecuting sex crimes

In 1990, after passing the bar, Harris joined the Alameda County prosecutor’s office in Oakland, California as an assistant district attorney focusing on sex crimes. Harris’ family was initially skeptical of the career choice as assistant district attorney in the sex crimes division.

While she acknowledged that prosecutors have historically earned a bad reputation, she said she wanted to change the system from the inside.

And we can't help but think there's going to be a real-life Olivia Benson in the white house!

5. She's got a killer Chuck Taylor collection!

From time to time, we see presidents and first ladies sporting more casual attire, but none have donned sneakers while on the job! Kamala is about to kick things up a bit! Since well before her Presidential run, Kamala has only worn two types of shoes: the pointed pumps typical of female politicians, and Converse sneakers.

Kamala actually collects Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers, and has been seen sporting them with suits and other political attire to a variety of events during her campaign. We think the best way to run for office is in shoes you can actually run in!

Have any other fun facts about Kamala Harris? Educate us in the comments below!

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