5 Tips to ACE Online Learning: Get the edge this semester!

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Feeling a little overwhelmed at the shift to online classes this year? We asked our tutors to lay out a strategy to help you ace this semester! These 5 online learning tips will ensure a stress-free transition and A+ results!

1. Get Techie

Since classes will be online, having access to the right device is key. Be sure to find a computer or tablet that can perform all the functions needed for your school’s online platform. Try to avoid technical meltdowns – you don’t want to show up for your first online class and have trouble figuring it all out. While teachers and tutors will surely be sensitive to the new normal, we recommend giving yourself a leg up and getting familiar with all the functions and features of the software you’ll be using before classes begin. Not a techie? No worries, give us a call and we’ll help you click through it all!

2. Set Up your Learning Space

Without the setting of a school classroom to keep you focused, staying organized with your online classes can become, well, messy. Our tutors recommend finding a clean and quiet area in your house that you can designate as your learning space. This can be a desk in your bedroom or even a small table in your basement. Once you have your new at-home classroom, the next step is to stay focused. We know it’s tempting to check Instagram when there’s no teacher to track your every move. To maintain focus, always turn your camera on - even if your school doesn’t require it. Create a “class in progress” sign so family members don’t disturb you and move your phone and any other distractions to another room – bye bye temptation!

3. Create a Semester Calendar

At Maison d’Étude, we thrive on planning. Whenever a new student meets with their tutor, our first step is always to fill out their Maison Calendar – and highlight them! Online learning is no different. Create a color guide for yourself so you can scan your calendar quickly. You’ll want to pencil in due dates and deadlines, extracurriculars, tests, assignments, note review time, study time, and exams. Don’t forget to add in self-care essentials like exercise, hydration and even sleep goals to help ensure long-term energy and success. To set yourself up for ultimate success, schedule a “Reboot” session with one of tutors!

To download our MAISON daily, weekly and monthly planners, click here

4. Find a study Buddy

Now that you have your study plan all set up, it’s time to find a friend who can help you stick to it. Studies show that students who have a study buddy or study group are better prepared for exams and perform better than their peers who go at it alone. In an online learning environment, this can be a little tricky, since meeting in a Montreal library or café may not be possible. Creating a “Zoom study group” can work just as well and may even make logistics easier without the commute. Trouble finding a group to keep you on track? No problems here. We’ve got a team of awesome tutors who can ensure you’re sticking to Plan A+.

5. Know when to ask for help!

Getting stuck shouldn’t mean getting down on yourself. Sometimes all it takes is one tutoring session to get you back on track and top of the class. All of our tutors are experts in their subject and know how to present the material in a dynamic way – so you can finally make sense of those foreign languages and symbols.

Still have questions or concerns, feel free to ask us anything in the comments below!

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