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Set yourself up for success with prep programs designed to help you feel confident about the road ahead. From Grade 7 entrance exams to Med School, Maison tutors will help you plan, prep and prosper!

Prep Programs



Grade 7 Entrance Exams  

Ace Grade 7 Entrance Exams

Not sure how to prep for those daunting entrance exams? Our expert Montreal tutors have you covered with our custom G7 Prep Program, tailored to each student, to ensure you're ready to tackle those tough questions! 

Want to see where you stand? Take a practice entrance exam HERE. 

Program Breakdown:

1. Take a diagnostic test 

2. Create success plan with tutoring schedule

3. Learn Executive skills reinforced with take-home resources 

4. Learn to overcome test anxiety

5. Set a proper routine leading up the test

5. Master test-taking skills including

  • How to interpret questions

  • How to tacking different style questions

  • Strategies for time management



Exam Day





Make an impression from the start!

Your CV is your chance to make a memorable first impression. Our CV & Cover Letter Masterclass will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Our CV & Cover letter in-house advisor will ensure you know how to highlight your strengths, and put on all the finishing touches with top tier design. 


Maison d'Étude expert tutors will help you master the art of the perfect CV by helping you gather relevant information, format your layout, edit wording & vocabulary, and choose an optimal design.


Our tutors will help you craft an expert cover letter by helping you outline your ideas, create a clear structure, ensure all essential elements are included, and enable you to showcase your interests, skills and thoughts that make you an ideal candidate. Add a final professional touch with eye-catching design!

Receive our CV and Cover Letter Masterclass Manual, which includes outlines, tips, and tricks.

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Prep, plan and prosper after high school

CEGEP is very different from high school. From choosing courses and teachers, to making your own schedule, longer assignments, more reading, and less support, CEGEP is filled with unknowns and can create a lot of stress for high school students. 

CEGEP prep tutors and advisors enable students to smoothly transition to a new environment, master their newfound autonomy, and master the skills to succeed in their courses. 

Skills you will master:

  1. Choose the right courses

  2. Create a calendar - your roadmap to success 

  3. Build a homework Master Plan

  4. Learn techniques to work smart NOT hard

  5. Master the art of effective reading

  6. Learn techniques to successful note-taking

  7. AND MORE!

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Med School Prep


Plan your path to success

Thinking of applying to medical school? The biggest advantage you can give yourself is to plan early and adequately. Our Med School Prep Program helps high school CEGEP and University students plan out a path to med school so you can be confident about your future!

Skills you will master:

  1. Learn about the application process 

  2. Locate and create leadership opportunities 

  3. Receive support in selecting extracurriculars 

  4. Discover & engage in research and volunteer opportunities 

  5. Hone your executive skills

  6. Create a top tier CV

  7. Develop a passion project you can showcase

  8. Receive help applying for scholarships and awards

  9. Review the CASPer test

  10. Review the MMI test 

+ Doctorship Add-On

Get first hand experience and mentorship from a current Medical School student 

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Exam Prep


Ready, Set, G.O. (Get Organized!)

Feeling like your notes are a mess or you've fallen behind in your courses? Our RESET workshop provides personalized organization sessions to help you reset, refresh, and reorganize yourself. Meet one-on-one with a Maison Skills Expert, take our Study Skills Assessment, set goals - and make a plan to achieve them!

Skills you will master:

  1. Goal Setting

  2. Study techniques & creating effective study guides

  3. Time management and planning

  4. Exam Prep - study calendar and planning 

  5. Anxiety & stress management


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Ready to reach your maximum potential?

“Maison d’Étude has not only helped me understand Math, but also how to study for tests or exams. They taught me how to ask the right questions and prioritize my work.”

- Lily, Grade 11 at The Study, Montreal