Our personalized tutoring services give each student a unique learning experience as we support them in reaching their goals.

Our tutors work with students online, in-home and at our modern tutoring space!

Student Services



Academic Tutoring

Expert Tutors with Proven Success

Our passionate team of tutors are the best in their field. They are each trained and certified in our trademark 5-step lesson structure that addresses daily priorities, and empowers students to become independent learners. Our tutors are proud to provide mentorship for students to help them gain confidence, foster their curiosity and positive relationship to learning.

Montreal's Best Online Tutoring

We are excited to introduce our custom online tutoring software, designed to recreate the in-person tutoring experience with video conferencing, collaborative white boards, shared documents and more. 

All Subjects and Levels

Our team of tutors can cover any subject at any level including Math, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Business, English, and French. For a complete list of our subjects, click here



Study Skills

Executive Function is key to Academic Success

Acing that math test or completing a semester-long history project requires a solid foundation of executive skills that enable productivity. These skills provide the ability to manage yourself: to be organized, initiate tasks, complete tasks, plan out work, prioritize, and keep cool at crunch time.


Reach your maximum potential 

Learn to organize yourself, manage your time, plan for upcoming projects and presentations, prioritize your work, and take notes like a pro. Our tutors will help you master these executive skills so you can eliminate stress, last-minute panics, or even full on crisis-mode. (Learning should not involve tears!) Instead, submit your best work, on time, and still make room for personal projects and hobbies that bring balance to your life. 

Be the executive of your future

Our Tutors will help you master the following executive skills: 

  • Organization

  • Note-taking

  • Planning

  • Prioritizing

  • Time-management



Prep Programs

Prep & Prosper!

Set yourself up for success with prep programs designed to help you feel confident about the road ahead. From Grade 7 entrance exams to Med School, Maison tutors will help you plan, prep and prosper!

Studying at Home



One of a kind opportunities

Join the Maison community for one-of-a-kind workshops, courses, and other learning opportunities with mentors, teachers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers. 




Feel Good, Inside and Out 

Navigate personal, social, or academic challenges with the help of our experienced Student Councellor. You bring yourself to every opportunity, so why not bring your best version! Student  is designed to facilitate student achievement, improve student confidence and outlook, and help students develop social strategies.


Our trained counsellor will meet with you in her a private office where you can work on the personal skills that matter.

Be your Best Self

Our Student Counsellor will help you work through challenges related to: 







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Academic Advising


Prepare for Life after High School 

Life after high school is exciting, confusing, and full of opportunities. Demystify the process of post-secondary applications. Get informed on your options, do an in-depth exploration of your interests, and find a fit for you that you can get excited about.

Our Academic Advisor will help you find the best path through a series of exercises and activities so that you can feel secure that you are making the right choice. 

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Ready to reach your maximum potential?


Learning Disability Coaching

Personalized success plans 

Our specialized learning strategist works one-on-one with students in Montreal to develop strategies and treatment plans for students with learning difficulties and disabilities

Develop a plan for academic success

We are your resource to help students with learning disabilities, to give much needed support for parents, and to build a road to success. Our in-house Learning Disability Strategist will work with you to develop a plan for academic success and personal growth suited to your circumstances.


Whether you are experiencing a new and confusing diagnosis or tackling an ongoing learning disability related challenge, at Maison d'Étude you can count on personalized, experienced assistance and peace of mind.

Tablet Learning



“Maison d’Étude has not only helped me understand Math, but also how to study for tests or exams. They taught me how to ask the right questions and prioritize my work.”

- Lily, Grade 11 at The Study, Montreal