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Summer is in Session!

Boost your skills in Math, Science, Languages & more! 


Explore exciting Summer Courses 

and get ahead for next year!

Looking for a way to maximize the summer months?

From Coding and Languages, to Music and Math, Maison d'Étude is offering a variety of summer courses, workshops and projects so you can learn new skills, get a head-start on your courses and stand out from the crowd!

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Learn the fundamentals of coding in 2 weeks!

  • 10-part online course

  • 3 levels

  • 1-on-1 lessons

  • Create your own schedule with our Expert Coding Instructor

  • Earn a certificate of completion

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Stand out with a personal project for your portfolio. 

Pursue your own passion project and take your portfolio and sense of purpose to the next level. Polygence is a Stanford- and MIT-founded online research academy that connects driven high-school students with expert academic mentors to create tailor-made research projects you can showcase! 

  • Publish a paper

  • Present at conferences

  • Launch your app

  • Produce a podcast

  • Write a novel

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Excel in athletics and academics!

The ACE Program is designed for Student-Athletes to excel in both mind and body. Begin the day with an athletic program run by olympic-level trainers on state-of-the-art equipment and end with academic sessions led by Maison d'Étude expert tutors. Coding, languages programs, math, sciences and more!

AGE: 12-17 year old
TIME: 3-5 pm
LOCATION: Club Atwater or Online


Semi-private or private sessions
Limited Space

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Summer Sessions 

Get a head start on your courses!

Summer sessions let you familiarize yourself with course topics in advance so that you can be ahead of the curve. From Math and Science to French and Spanish, our expert tutors will ensure that you can feel confident when you step back into the classroom! 

Prepare your CEGEP & University applications!

Schedule an applications session with our Applications Specialist and ensure that you're making the best first impression! 


Grade 7 Entrance Exams 

Get a leg up on Grade 5/6 Courses!

Starting Middle School can be stressful - new courses, increased teaching pace and homework overloads can be a lot to handle all at once. Learning upcoming course material means less to process once school hits - and more familiarity means higher test scores. Definitely a win-win we can all stand behind!

Ace Grade 7 Entrance Exams!

Not sure how to prep for those daunting entrance exams? We've got you covered with our custom G7 Prep Program, specially tailored to your child, to ensure you're ready to tackle those tough questions!

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